Song of Myself

by Cameron Glass

I sing to myself

I laugh at myself

I stare in wonder at the perplexing complexity of

events that have lead to me,

At the creation of the universe, and the combinations and

mutations that ave lead to mankind.

One day, on the grunge spattered sidewalks of New York,

I was asked a question by my infant self.

Why am I here?

To me, the question was less attractive than a mirror.

But it was a question I tried to answer anyway.

Of course, the sciences involved exist.

Gene pools, chromosomes, sperm cells and eggs, I've heard of it.

What I haven't heard of is why.

Why does the universe unfold as it does?

Is it really the work of a god or the beauty of chance?

I look at myself in the mirror and say,

with dignity, a full head of hair and a twitch of my lip,

I don't care.

I focus on the things I can,

I create what I can,

I do what I can,

I can.

It is all I need to do.

It is all I need.

It is all.